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Over 35 Years of Custom Work, Technician Work and Guitar Design For World Class Guitarists

From KISS to Crüe I've Seen it All...

With over 30 years of building experience, we guarantee the best work
From Gibson to Kiss Sean Paden has been behind the scenes ensuring some of the world’s most coveted guitars and rockstars have had instruments in top shape.

32 Years & 1200+ Clients

Specializing in electric guitar repair with an emphasis in fretwork, Sean has been responsible for designing instruments such as Gibson’s Bucket Head Les Paul and has been a ghost builder for some of the most prolific names in the business.

Moving to Nashville in 1999, Sean has been touring with acts like Guns and Roses, Ozzy Osborne, Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave, Lincoln Park, KISS, Mick Mars and countless more.  When Sean was off the road he was a consultant with Southbound Custom Finishes handling all structural and electrical repairs and designing and consulting with custom builds.