Tired of playing an instrument that hurts to pickup?

We have worked with some of the most famous rockstars of all time on the roard learning what truly makes the ultimate setup.  We are capable of setting up even the most beaten guitar to feel like brand new

4 & 5 String Bass


Floyd Rose


A Floyd Rose needs to be properly setup and needs to be treated differently than a standard tremolo.  We are Nashville’s leading experts on setting up instruments equipped with these trems.

Fixed Bridges


Not all setups are the same.  Our fixed bridge setup is fine-tuned to ensure the smoothest playing and best-intonated instrument possible.

Traditional Tremolos 


6 screw, two post, you name it we can set it up! From your vintage Strat to your brand new Suhr our multi-point setup process for traditional tremolos ensures increased tuning stability and silky action.